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,-Upadesha 1, (Ch.-1, V.-1)



haṭha -obstinacy, oppression, violence, force, absolute or inevitable necessity yogha - yoga (connection) pradīpikā - commentary, explanation, lamp, small lamp, elucidation

Hatha Yoga Pradipika

Commentary Today's day is exceptional for the yogi. Today is Shivaratri. That's Shiva's night. It is remembered this day once a year. He remembers Shiva, who reminds of power. The greatest power that is in the universe. Lord Siva has the greatest power in the universe, he is the master of time and space. Before we start with Hatayo's pradipic. What yoga means. When you ask people, aspirants, practitioners, writers, yoga masters, gurus, swami: "What is yoga?". She briefly says yoga is a connection. Yes, every teacher, aspirant, master, swami, master, will answer so, they will all say so. But what is the connection? What is the connection? It is not the highest, nor the lowest. It's a connection as such. And when ginger, water, warmth, cold, honey are combined, that's a connection and it's called a gingerbread. So that's all connected. This is yoga. If we see the screen in front of us, there is a question of what the screen is. The screen actually does not exist. There is a piece of plastic, electrique, electronics and LCD material ?????? . Together it is a screen. The screen itself does not exist. It consists of individual components. One of them is plastic. But it also does not exist separately. Plastic is a compound of many kinds of chemical elements. Such as carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, etc. So plastic is not plastic, it's yog components. It is a compound of chemical elements. Neither is carbon in itself. It's also a compound. What it is a compound. It's a compound of electrons, protons and neutrons. The electron is also a compound. Also, there is no electron. It's a string of strings. Today's science is still looking for the smallest parts and eventually ending with the concept of string. However, the whole universe, all objects, all existence are compounds. These are compounds. So what is the original, the original ingredient from which the compounds are formed? The original ingredient is Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu, Ishara, God, it is anything in the sense - the highest. The whole universe is made of the smallest element known as Brahma. The whole universe is de facto Brahma. Every human, every animal, every tree, every mineral, every planet is Brahma. It is not that the Brahma in Brahma is the Brahma. They are from Brahma. They are a Brahma compound. This Vedic philosophy says that the whole universe is Brahmand - like Brahm's egg, in which there is the whole universe. The whole universe is Brahma. Can not separate ingredients. There is one single ingredient. And that's Brahma. The others are compounds. Others are yogi. This is how the word yoga is understood as a merger. Everything is a compound. Me, you, she's all we are. That's a yogi. Practice of yoga. When, in time and space, a person acts as a yogi, and in the sense of this knowledge, with the knowledge and knowledge of that union, he recognizes the union. Knowing that everything that exists is a compound that is all Brahma. He acts with the knowledge that everything is Brahma. Then such a person, such a manager, such a practitioner, such an aspirant is called yoga. Yogi is the one who always sees Brahma in all, seeing the primal element - Brahma. Practice with the elemental element, merging into that element, and feeling Brahmā and being Brahmā, is a yogi, that's a yogi. Yoga does not mean legs up and head down. It does not mean long hair and long beards. Yoga does not mean orange dress or red flag. None of this is yoga. Yoga becomes the one who will merge into Brahma. And when someone merges into Brahma, then he is not himself, he is Brahma, there is not me. When a drop of water gets into the sea, it is no longer a droplet. The drop is no longer. Once it gets into the sea, it is part of the sea, it is no longer a drop of the sea, it is an ocean. Drop no longer exists. It's the end of the drop. It's the sea. So, when the yogi merges into Brahma, it is no longer the yogi, it is Brahma. Such a practice, such knowledge is very demanding and requires gradual practice. Yoga means unification - the whole universe is a compound and the original element is Brahma. From this, the whole universe is only a compound. This is the basic idea of ​​yoga. Yoga is not identified with any color, clothing, appearance, or name or title. They are neither positions nor asanas. It is a matter of spiritual practice. So it's yoga. Now that we start with Hatajog Pradipik, let us know what the whole yoga goal is. It is the highest knowledge. Higher no longer exists. Man disappears and becomes Brahmā. There is no more. That's the highest. That's why Samadhi is considered to be the highest class. That is why it is called the highest class. Just as the highest class in society is the king, so this way is called the highest way, royal yoga. Supreme Yoga. Because they are talking about Brahma. Yogi becomes Brahmā. Brahma is not in the yogi, but the yogi is Brahma. I do not exist. There is Brahma. Thus, all ego-ahamkar is dead because it is only Brahma, the original ingredients. Similarly, Kṛṣṇa says in Bhagavadgit - Aham Brahma ashmi - aham means I, Brahma is Brahmā and what I mean. I am Brahma. Every self is Brahma. If it's an ant, if it's a donkey, if it's a mosquito, if it's a mouse. Or is it a spider or swami, a guru, an intellectual or a fool. All of you are Brahma. This is what yoga means, j

University of Ayurveda Prague, Czech Republic

Interpretation and Commentary by Ayurvedacharya Govinda Ji.
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