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१. सूत्रस्थानम् 1.sūtrasthānam,-१. दीर्घञ्जीवितीयोऽध्यायः 1. dīrghañjīvitīyō'dhyāyaḥ, (S.-1, Ch.-1, V.-1)

अथातो दीर्घञ्जीवितीयमध्यायं व्याख्यास्यामः||१||

athātō dīrghañjīvitīyamadhyāyaṁ vyākhyāsyāmaḥ||1||

Divine awareness of healing

Now I will present the interpretation of long life.

Word by word translation:atha = now; dīrgham= long; jīvitīyam= life; adhyāyaṁ= chapter; vyākhyā= explain; aḥ= I.


Indian culture is different from Western culture. In Indian culture, everything belongs to God, including knowledge, and this kind of approach to knowledge is accepted by the entire community. The knowledge of Ayurveda has always been considered the property of God, as belonging to God, and as a blessing that has been passed to the human mind. Here I will be telling you how Ayurveda was passed from the level of the super-conscious to that of human consciousness.

This message is coming to you with humility and respect. We are presenting Ayurveda, which human beings received from the god Indra and from ancient sages. Ayurveda is divine awareness of healing. We are just the messengers of this information, our own minds and personalities have no influence on what is being said here.

How did Ayurveda come about? The wisest in all of India gathered in the Himalayas to undertake a great task. They had observed that human beings were changing their lives, and that instead of living out their daily obligations, they were beginning to live in their thoughts, either in remembering the past or in plans for the future. Doing this disrupted the capacity of the human body to heal on its own, and people began to fall ill.

The sages decided to ask the god Indra for aid. Sometimes in the literature Indra is called the god of lightning, rain, thunder, etc. This is because people used to pray to him to change the weather and to either prevent or end natural catastrophes, but this is just one face of Indra. He is also the god of all the energy in the universe, he governs the movement of all the atoms and all the particles, he spins every electron and molecule in the entire universe, in all of the galaxies, and he controls the power of all the atoms and all the elements. The sages selected from among themselves someone who would be capable of bowing before Indra and asking for his aid. The ascetic and sage Bharadvaj was chosen to ask this of Indra.

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