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१. सूत्रस्थानम् 1.sūtrasthānam,-Ayushkameeya Adhyaya, आयु कामीयं, (S.-1, Ch.-1, V.-1)

रागादि-रोगान् सततानुषक्तान् अशेष-काय-प्रसृतान् अ-शेषान् । औत्सुक्य-मोहा-रति-दाञ् जघान यो ऽ-पूर्व-वैद्याय नमो ऽस्तु तस्मै ॥ १ ॥

rāgādi-rogān satatānuṣaktān a-śeṣa-kāya-prasṛtān a-śeṣān । autsukya-mohā-rati-dāñ jaghāna yo '-pūrva-vaidyāya namo 'stu tasmai ॥ 1 ॥

राग rāga = qualities of essence of life; आदि ādi = etc.; रोग roga = disease, sufferings; सतत satata = constantly; अनुषक्तान् anuṣañ = to be attached to, followed; अशेष aśeṣa = with no remaining, all; काय kāya = body; प्रसृतान् prasṛ = to be protracted; अशेष aśeṣa = without remainings, entire; औत्सुक्य autsukya = anxiety, excitement; मोह moha = desire, attachment; अरति arati = anger; दाञ् da = effecting, granting, offering; जघान यो janghan jo = to come in contact, to abandon; यद् yad = what, which; अपूरवर apūrva = extraordinary, incomparable; वैद्याय vaidhya = a learned man, a ayurvedic physician; नमस् namas = adoration (by gesture or word), salute; ऽस्तु astu = to be, to be equal to; तस्मै tasmai = this.
Namaskára - Salutation*

Honor to such an incomparable and precious physician who eliminate all diseases of Raga (qualities of essence of life) etc., such as anxiety, delusion and anger, which constantly influences the whole body.

This verse begins with a word rága-di-róga. The word "rág" means states of mind. The word "Ádi" means and so on and the word "róga" means diseases. In modern terms we can call it psychosomatic diseases. Especially chronic illnesses have a psychosomatic origin. It is fascinating to realise that Ayurveda had so deep understanding of psychosomatics, which is so popular in these days some thousand years later.

The meaning of the word rága includes all psychical emotions such as desire, anger, greed, arrogance, jealousy, selfishness, ego, and so on. Their long term activity on the brain causes an agni demage (endocrine system), a hormonal disbalance in a body which subsequently causes a dhátu nirmán demage, (metabolic process) and a metabolism of tissues, cells, as well as a creating new tissues process is effected.

For example: One is experiencing jealousy or anxiety for several months or years. The results of this will take an effect on a subtle level and will be widespread all over his body.

This writing is dedicated to a knowladge of a human body and its physiology. The writer started the first verse with giving honor to The Wise, who has a detailed knowladge of all these things. Living with a respect is a tradition in India. Living with a respect diminishes rág.

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